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»Optimal support for your Product Information Management (PIM) and data synchronisation

Product Content Sourcing and Product Content Syndication

SyncManager – the product content eXchange platform

Source, enrich, validate and publish your product content

SyncManager is the product content eXchange platform. It allows you to collect product content from your suppliers or from your own systems, to ensure quality, to enhance it and to publish it for various output channels.

b-synced – the GDSN data pool

Easy. Affordable. Good.

Thanks to b-synced, you can exchange your product content with more than 55,000 companies worldwide. b-synced is certified by GS1 and is part of GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network).

b-integrated – Content aggregation at its best

Aggregate, map, deliver

b-integrated enables you to bring together content from different content providers and to make it available in one unified format via a standardised interface.

This significantly simplifies the use of content in the subsequent systems.

b-classified – Content enrichment with machine learning

Training and automated enrichment

b-classified takes over the intelligent enrichment of your product content.

Why hire a lot of people when the engine can do the same?

Today's computing power in the cloud combined with available and relevant learning sets allows for the intelligent derivation of product content that was once thought to be only feasible by humans.

Your system – our operation.

You have a PIM/MDM or GDSN system and do not have the experts required to operate it? We can take over the operation of your system, in your data centre, in your cloud or even in our cloud.

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