»We are passionate about what we do – each of us in our own way.«

Björn Bayard
Founder & Managing Director

I am an entrepreneur at heart and soul. In 1994, I founded my first software company. In 1997, I founded one of the first PIM and MDM software vendors. Today, more than 8,000 companies use the technology I originally developed. In 2004, I sold my company to PIRONET NDH AG. Subsequently, I assumed responsibility for corporate strategy at SINFOS and later at SA2 Worldsync. In September 2011, my spirit of entrepreneurship took hold of me again and I founded BAYARD GmbH. We aim to provide our customers with the experience that we gained in numerous PIM and MDM projects. We help you implement your projects faster and more successfully.

Mark Michaelis
Managing Director

As Managing Director of Markant Services International and BAYARD, I bring deep expertise in IT, operational trading and project and process management. My many years of experience in IT strategy, management consulting and leadership also pay off. In the past, I have already accompanied various CIO roles in retail companies. Through the BAYARD software solution and the Markant network, we would like to support you as a customer in the best possible way and together develop into the market leader in the European PIM environment.

Daniela Bayard
Director Marketing & Communications I Organisation I HR

As a co-founder, I have used my extensive experience from working in various retail companies to establish and drive our consulting, sales, and business development.
Today, my team and I are focused on authentically establishing our company at its current stage of development to become the market leader in the European PIM environment. We are developing suitable strategies to make our products and brand a tangible experience across all channels. My core responsibility is to communicate the company's transformation and progress, promote our corporate culture, and daily inspire our customers and employees.

Holger Joest
Director Research & DevOps

As an enthusiastic software engineer with extensive technical management experience, I am acting as software developer, project manager, software architect and consultant for projects in the domain of PIM, MDM and GDSN. This enabled me to deepen my extensive knowledge in the area of software development, maintenance and operation. Furthermore, I can look back on many years of experience in agile development methods as well as a profound understanding of a multitude of software technologies, especially in the open-source area. My drive to avoid unnecessary complexity and my ability to understand user needs enable you to align your projects with your priorities.

Rainer Pietschmann
Director Sales

For more than 10 years I have been supporting the implementation of GDSN data pools in and outside Europe. Due to a constantly growing number of online shops, smooth exchange of correct product information has long since become relevant not only for efficient supply chain processes, but also for product sales. Increasing the quality of product data has become more and more important and has also excited me. By establishing rules, applying AI processes as well as visually comparing product data against product images, errors are to be eliminated and one hundred percent data quality is to be achieved. I am a partner with many years of experience, detailed knowledge and a high level of competence in providing solutions. I speak the users‘ language as well as the developers‘ language and can thus help you implement your MDM processes.

Guido Porting
Director Product Management

For many years, product data and their use in business processes have been my passion. I find it particularly exciting that the relevance of master data for the success of companies is becoming ever greater. Various aspects contribute to this. On the one hand, there is an ongoing regulation of markets, but on the other hand in particular there is the increasing digitalisation of the retail sector. Serious changes are occurring here, and business processes and models can only survive with a solid MDM strategy. In addition to a deep technical and analytical understanding and coordination skills, you can expect excellent know-how in MDM/PIM processes from me.

Lutz Reiche
Director Professional Services

From the very beginning of my professional career, I was faced with challenges that are still central topics today: Harmonisation of heterogeneous data models to capture different product groups and classifications, data formats for import and export, complexity of international requirements, assessment and improvement of product data quality. You will benefit by my particular strengths, which are in structuring and simplifying complex issues. Thanks to my profound technical background knowledge, I am able to convey know-how and technical concepts from the developer to the user, as well as to communicate the professional requirements back to the project and product development team.