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You already introduced all systems - i.e., a PIM, a MAM, GDSN etc. (Do some systems possibly even exist multiple times in your company?) And of course, you also introduced organisation and processes according to the textbook. (Do you also use data stewards?)
But you are surprised that...
  • ... you still have a high return rate and your customers often complain about incorrect product descriptions?
  • ... your logistics often cannot collect items because barcodes cannot be scanned, or you have not created the corresponding item numbers / EANs / GTINs?
  • ... your suppliers deliver "electronic" product information in Excel files, which you have to manually process, and that is time-consuming and error-prone?
  • ... your PIM team is complaining that they have to manage more and more data without you hiring more staff?
  • ... every retail customer has their own requirements for your product information and its electronic delivery?
  • ... you have to manage the quality of your product data, but it is still distributed across different systems in a complex process?
  • Location assessment & review
  • Data strategy
  • Recommended action & scoping
  • Program development
  • Business case
  • Recording of requirements
  • Creation of RFP
  • Management selection process
  • Executive guidance
  • Program & interim management

»We know your business. We know the impact that poor data quality has on your business, and we know how you can improve the quality of your data sustainably. This is our daily business.«

We support you all the way from developing a suitable strategy, to accompanying the implementation program, to selecting the appropriate systems.

We take a close look at your company, understand your specific challenges and work with you to develop the right solutions for you - based on best practices from hundreds of projects that our consultants have already implemented over the last 25 years in the PIM, MDM and GDSN sector.

We offer holistic consulting. Always.

  • What is your vision? What do you want to achieve with your data project?
  • What are suitable steps to achieve your vision?
  • How can you measure performance? What are suitable KPI's or metrics?
  • What would an organisation look like with which you are able to reach your goals?
  • How do you manage your organisation
  • How do you design your processes?
  • And last but not least, how does your IT landscape support you?

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