February 09, 2021 | MEERSBURG/COLOGNE

The analyst house TGOA identifies Bayard Consulting Group as preferred partner for global standardised data management topics – Joint thesis paper

The Group of Analysts (TGOA) has selected Cologne-based Bayard Consulting Group as preferred partner for its analysis of global, cross-company master data management. The publishing house The Group of Authors – founded by TGOA specifically for content and thought leadership – has described the Global Data Movement model together with Bayard Consulting. This has been published in a thesis paper now available.

The authors come to the conclusion that the ever faster data movements of increasingly networked companies, products, services, content and people is only acceptable in real time. This requires standardised movement patterns and rules for data exchange. A separate market is emerging, which the analysts call Global Data Movement.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers benefit from participation in the Global Data Movement through increased efficiency and reach, but they have to overcome some hurdles to do so. Often, the corporate-internal information supply chain still preoccupies most organisations enough as they feel the limits of their digital capabilities in implementing their corporate and product strategy on a daily basis. The root of all evil is often that they historically adapt their data model to the existing systems rather than to their own requirements. The result is that they are inevitably limited in their ability to act and will face ever greater limitations in the future.

The Herculean task for companies is to develop an individual data model, create a data management system suitable for it and at the same time participate in the Global Data Movement. Since very few companies have these competences themselves, the Global Data Movement Ally with its broad-based teams of experts should be available for each of these tasks and save companies from expensive wrong decisions that cost not only money but also a lot of time.

The Group of Analysts (TGOA)

The renowned analyst house The Group of Analysts (TGOA) has been monitoring the enterprise software market with its unique "Market Performance Wheels" analysis methodology since 2010 with the aim of creating transparency for all. In 2021, three new companies were founded that, through their respective focus, potentiate the TGOA concept. The Group of Authors, as a publishing house, promotes communication and thus thought leadership in the market with publications such as the whitepaper series "headsUp". As an advisory house, The Group of Advisors offers holistic consulting services on all topics of digitalisation. As a research house, The Group of Anticipators writes studies on the most important software markets.


Bayard Consulting Group

Bayard Consulting Group consultants are the independent experts in Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM) and the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) in retail, manufacturing industry and healthcare. Strategy, organisation, processes, IT, digital transformation – the experts at Bayard Consulting improve their clients' business results sustainably and noticeably. With their expertise, the specialists advise decision-makers in all corporate functions and business processes along the value chain. The combination of recognised consulting, implementation and development ensures optimal results for their clients.


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