22.12.2021 | BJÖRN BAYARD

An exciting and challenging year is coming to an end, and I would like to share a bit of the "good vibes" at the end of the year, which we were able to experience despite all the pandemic, restrictions and, in some cases, personal involvement.

In October 2020, we took over SyncManager from 1WorldSync. In the following months, we initially concentrated on making existing customers "happy" and getting all existing projects back on a successful track. Personally, this showed me once again that the introduction of PIM systems and content syndication solutions absolutely requires consulting and implementation competence, and that success depends on the know-how and experience of the service provider.

After we had secured all SyncManager customer projects, we started to build up marketing and sales for the SyncManager platform. Here we were able to win among others Cosnova, Radeberger and Pajunk, and some of them have already been successfully implemented.

It is exciting to see that there is also a lot of movement in the FMCG retail sector in the context of product data sourcing. In the last few weeks, we have also been able to achieve several successful deals for the SyncManager platform, which we hope to be able to publish soon.

We are particularly proud of the fact that the SyncManager-based Healthcare Content Data Portal (HCDP), with over 1.5 million data records, has now established itself as a genuine industry solution for purchasing associations in the German healthcare sector. EK-Unico recently joined as a further purchasing association.

What could be more than "particularly proud"? For example, the fact that Riversand has licensed our GDSN technology (b-synced and b-integrated) and that we are now able to support the implementation of Riversand PIM & Data Pool at one of the world's largest GDSN communities is particularly exciting.

We are also excited about our partnership with Stibo. Here we were able to achieve initial successes for MTS. And in general, we see Stibo in use by many customers for whom we can deliver further added value around content syndication with our SyncManager platform.

At this point, however, I would also like to point out that we repeatedly see PIM projects in the market that do not fulfil the expectations of the customers, either because they have run far out of time and budget or because they simply do not generate the expected benefits. In the projects we have had the opportunity to analyse, it was never a question of the selected systems, but always a question of the service provider who did not provide the required experience. Of course, a customer is also sometimes unsorted – but you must be prepared for that, after all, a PIM introduction project is not daily business for most customers. Here it always pays off if you not only deliver technical implementation competence, but also the corresponding consulting competence and can therefore support the customer in internal sorting.

For us, GDSN will continue to be an important driver in 2022 – but always with the clear knowledge that GDSN is not the sole solution for industry or retail. We regularly connect all kinds of data sources for our customers – from EuvinoPRO to DataNature, Trustbox, Amazon, Google, GUDID, EUDAMED and many more up to local data sources, e.g., for private labels.

And do you know what worldwide is the most widespread infrastructure for the exchange of product information? The GDSN? Unfortunately, not! It is – despite all its shortcomings and problems: xlsx & e-mail! Of course, this is not a recommendation to use Excel for the exchange of product information, but "if you cannot beat it, embrace it! Under this motto, we are currently expanding our SyncManager platform with a powerful ad-hoc sharing infrastructure including a powerful Excel mapping editor. This will make the automated generation of Excel-based listing forms a breeze.

By the way, Gartner says "By 2024, organizations that develop "closed loop" processes for organizing product data will increase revenue from digital channels by 30% more than organizations that fail to do so." – This is exactly the requirement we want to support you with, through consulting, implementation and our SyncManager platform.

Finally – what trend do we see in Europe in 2022? The topic of “Enhanced Content” has been known at Amazon for many years as “Amazon A+ Content”. Enhanced content is extended product content that is completely created by the manufacturer and which the retailer adopts 1:1 into its product detail page. In the USA, many retailers have already implemented similar concepts offered by local service providers and benefit from significant increases in sales of products with enhanced content and, moreover, only have a minimal implementation effort with it. We believe that Enhanced Content will become mainstream in Europe in 2022! What do you think?

My team and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2022 continue to bring you "Good Vibes".

Yours sincerely

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